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Welcome to Runes Information.

This is mostly a not-for-profit website that carries no third-party advertising such as blinking links, animated banners, pop-ups, or other distractions.

There are a couple of block ads in the page footer and a few links leading to our own in-house e-book products for sale at nominal prices. All the other downloads are free of charge.

The site provides information and resources related to:

  • runes in divination
  • runic pendulum dowsing
  • rune magick, and runelore
  • the meaning and interpretation of runes
  • tutorials on the transcription of runes
  • designs and art featuring runes

 Use the navigation bar above to access these pages:

  • Articles - Index of articles on a variety of rune related subjects

  • Search - search the entire website using keywords

  • Downloads - free articles about runes & divination

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  • Contacts - how to contact Runes. Info & Runemaker Group

If you just want to check on rune meanings click here.

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